"Everything is Data, Data is Everything"

VapusData provides a robust data platform that decentralizes data ownership, promotes data as a product, ensures scalability & efficiency, and enables secure & governed data product sharing & discovery.

  • Decentralized data management
  • No code platform train your LLM using trusted data
  • Scalable data integration & processing
  • Advanced data cataloging & discovery
  • Automated data governance & compliance

Key Features

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    Mesh platform to manage decentralized data products and data containers securely and efficiently.
    Attestation is generated with logs, access policies, schema and lineage tracking for every data container and product

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    An AI plane to search and train LLMs with your enterprise dataset using the RAG model.

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    A collection of AI agents to build data containers, build data queries, and check the compliance of data products and data stores.

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    Robust control plane for data sources with auditing and compliance check capability.

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    A simple search based marketplace for data products where data consumers can search, discover and request new data products.

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    Unified query interface based on AI that allows developers and domain owners to deal with different databases using a single interface and data routing.

Supports All Data Types

Provides support for a wide range of data kinds, including the ability to manage a variety of data formats, including packages, text, vectors, binaries, and other forms. It is possible for Vapus Data Platform to effectively manage a wide variety of data kinds, which guarantees that there will be no interruptions in communication or interaction between the various applications and systems.

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Data Containers & Products Attestation

VapusData Platform a robust framework to define, deploy and securely run Data Containers to produce quality data products.It also gives access to full metadata of data container runtime logs and supports plug-ins like sentry to find runtime errors right away.
Vapusdata offers a comprehensive and verified perspective on the lifespan of data containers and products. It has an AI engine designed to handle data containers and data products effectively, securely, and most importantly.

AI Agents

Vapus Data Platform provides collections of AI agents that domain owners can use to build queries (SQL, Elastic search or cache), manage lifecycle of data containers, and PII anomaly detection.

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Observability Over Whole Platform

VapusData Observability provides insights into a number of platform features, including the data products pipeline view, data products attestation view, and data products consumption metrics. It also provides insights into a number of data-store aspects, including data encryption, data compliance check, and other trust perspectives.

Support Variety of Data Sources

Vapus Data Platform provides support for different data sources for different service providers hosted on cloud or on-prem . This capability will allow domain owners and data consumers to operate, share and discover data on a single platform across different hyperscalers and on-prem systems.

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